God’s intention for us in creation (Part 5): Pantheism or Deism?

This series of posts on creation asks the question – how can we best live in, learn from and interact with creation in order to be healthy and closer to God? As we have seen in the previous posts the Word is full of teaching and reflection on this question, so it must be important. This post is about the interlocking relationship between God and creation. How close and similar is God to us and what He has made, and how high above and different?

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A simple thought on Perfection

A simple thought on Perfection:

We frequently see two contrasting models of personal production: perfectionism and slacking. These two are natural opposites, and so we can only search in vain for the point of righteousness (“balance”) in between. Continue reading

The Gospel (Part 1): What has the gospel got to do with Christianity?

Call me weird, but I have been thinking a lot about church visions recently, and the question of a biblical model for building Christian communities. There are so many aspects to cover: worship, teaching, leadership, evangelism, fellowship, ministries etc. etc. But putting all those complex issues aside for now, I’m still stuck on the basic question:

What has the gospel got to do with all of this?

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