The Author Dare!

In a moment of rare genius the Finch came up with the following idea…

The author dare:

Regular authors and “commentors” can request specific authors to pen articles on a specified topic.

If you think this can be fun and insightful please comment on this post. If significant interest exists, this could be incorporated into the blog layout…

With much excitement,

The Finch – 28 June 2012


4 thoughts on “The Author Dare!

  1. One topic that I am interested in hearing about is the art of godly thinking and feeling. In a negative sense, what healthy spiritual boundaries are there in Jesus for my thoughts and emotions? And in a positive sense, what ways can they be actively used in better ways to bring more life and light instead of being passive, sterile and uncreative? I feel that this is quite a broad topic, but a little general guidance would really help me in so many areas. I just think of how ungodly thinking affects how we approach the bible, how we discuss blog topics, how we make decisions and experience the world etc. I also think how much scope there is for positive emotions that often evade me, like joy in little daily things. And of course, thinking and feeling affect each other somehow.

    Finch, this one’s for you: “The art of godly thinking and feeling in our modern day”

  2. Hi,

    The Finch has concluded that there seems to be little interest in the author dare, so will not pursue this further.

    To JC, I will think about the topic you mentioned, and start writing when my “incredibly busy schedule” allows. :o)

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