Scriptures about church… as we live them #4

Alan Knox runs a great website called The Assembling of the Church which touches on many of the issues tackled in the book Pagan Christianity that we are discussing from a different angle. One series that he does is called “Scripture… as we live it”, where he ‘edits’ bible verses to expose how we sometimes do church unbiblically. I think it’s a great concept. Here’s a slightly changed example of how Alan thinks we often live out Scripture:

I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands bow their heads and close their eyes without anger or quarreling agreeing with the pastoral prayer… (1 Timothy 2:8 re-mix)

I have often wondered why we don’t get more time to pray together in church services – sort of all at the same time with our hands in the air like Paul instructs here. When last did you practice this Scripture properly in church? Was it a good experience? Obviously our sisters are exempted by Paul for this one, perhaps on account of weak arms… 😉


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