Theme of the month: Church buildings

This month I will be publishing a post summarizing the chapter in Pagan Christianity about church buildings. Frank Viola and George Barna provide some interesting facts about the history of church architecture and thoughts on how meeting in a “sacred building” affects our faith. I will also be adding a few new bible re-mixes about church in the “Scriptures about church… as we live them” series, this time about church buildings. I hope to have some interesting discussions with you about the types of venues that you attend Christian gatherings in – whether it be a cathedral, a cinema or a home – and whether or not they are an important factor in ‘how we do church’.


The Notre Dame Cathedral

Recently, I visited the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. It is a very impressive building – especially if you like Gothic architecture – dating back to around AD 1100. As I stood and looked at it, I couldn’t help thinking about how much had changed since the days of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; how this cathedral had seen so many weddings and wars and revolutions, the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the World Wars… And going even further back, I wondered if the awe I felt standing in front of Notre Dame was similar to what the Jews experienced looking at the Temple that Solomon had built. Of course, the inside of Notre Dame is even more amazing. It really does affect you to walk around in there – I guess they designed it to do that. Check it out.

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

Do you like beautiful cathedrals? Do you feel closer to God in them?


One thought on “Theme of the month: Church buildings

  1. What a beautiful cathedral! I don’t think I feel closer to God in these massive buildings but I definitely feel more aware of Him. I am reminded of the reality of a living God being involved and active in the world when I walk around in cathedrals like this because often the neighbourhoods that they are built in no longer reflect any acknowledgement of God at all.

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