A thought about creation and glory

It is a beautiful thought to me that Christianity is about more than just righteousness. We were made to be glorious in God – and this is the goal of our salvation. The bud of our new birth can begin to bloom into a flower of God’s glory, even in this life. When I look at the creation around me, I see a Creator who goes beyond what’s expected or needed – who gets joy out of creating. There is an unnecessary-ness about the varieties of flowers, the hugeness of space and the detail of the micro-sphere. We live in a universe that has an excessive quality about it. It is endlessly fresh.


One morning I looked up into a tree and saw six puffy baby finches lined up along a branch singing their tiny hearts out – the picture of merry innocence. And it just suddenly occurred to me that if I had created such cute little things, surely I would have been in an extremely good mood. Those birds weren’t just designed for practical purposes, they seemed like a passionate poem! There is such an over-the-top glory in God and His creation, a radiant glory that brings refreshment and inspires. God is not just perfect, He’s beautiful.

Have you ever thought:

God stopped creating new things for thousands of years after Eve and then suddenly, with our Lord’s conception in Mary and resurrection in the tomb, the Creator began creating again. He is still working today in us, creating fresh works of art, “new creations” that reflect at least as much genius and creativity as the finches and the flowers.

God doesn’t want you to be just clean and correct! He wants to write a poem into your life.

For sure, Christianity IS about righteousness (and suffering for righteousness sake). Righteousness is necessary, but that is exactly the difference – glory isn’t. Righteousness is stipulated, measured out in clear terms and required from all of us but glory is mysterious, surprising, bottomless and uniquely expressed in each individual. I believe that the Holy Spirit offers us so much more than righteousness – He gives us the opportunity to become a beautiful light in the world, a totally excessive and unnecessary glimpse of the glory of the coming kingdom.


8 thoughts on “A thought about creation and glory

  1. Please can you guys share any revelation you have from Scripture or your own life experience that would add more shape to what I wrote here. It is lovely if people can confirm, correct and supplement what you have in your heart.

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  3. Trees grow up. Defying gravity. Naturally gravitating towards the sun. The only way we truly grow and grow truly is when we look up to Him (2 Cor 3.17) ā€“ the biggest force we will ever reckon with. The ultimate sun.

    The universe seems to be infinite. It is at least infinite to us. There are black holes out there. Super novas. Wonders beyond wonder… and have been ā€“ yet we only now know of them. This is excessive creativity.

    Nature is beautiful. Unkept. Unkempt. It is most glorious. Yet all the while, tamable. We hire lawn services to make it pretty, ordered, tempered. Systematic theology is like this: it tempers the raw nature of Christ. It manages Him. It crafts Him into something He is otherwise not. Not always, and not only ā€“ but I think there is certainly the tendency for us to mute His blaring glory that speaks loudest in rugged, freely maturing nature.

  4. Hi JC,

    I was sitting in the garden this morning, and activity in the purple ground cover that I’ve described before caught my eye. Several ant-like creatures were busy with pollinating activity, but what really caught my eye was their bodies. Their main abdomen parts were jewel-like – it made me think of actual jewelry I’ve seen in shops.

    All of this makes me think of how God clothes the grass of the field. I don’t have a very intelligent reaction to this, but it does lead me to worship him.

  5. you guys have amazing minds, what a joy to read over my level of understanding and be challenged….. way to deep for a barber. but i do have something to share.
    the call that goes out to man from countless verses in John, but simplified in verse 3:15 ‘anyone who believes in Him will not perish, but has everlasting life” reminds me of a call that went out to the people, children actually, in Kayamandi last month as I walked the streets with dozens of children…..”haircuts for free, haircuts for free” …… same simple call, same response…… 1) a free gift has been offered 2) some will never hear the offer, nonetheless the offer goes out 3) some will accept the offer and come to get the greatest haircut of all times (sorry, just bragging) 4) others will squabble over the offer…. too good to be true…. must be something they want from me ….. maybe ill have to keep it looking good everday….. and they will not accept the free gift…..
    In our world of many ‘free offers’ I have now seen two that are truly free….. may we continue to tell our world of THE ‘free gift’ that offers life indeed. He is good! Bert

    • Hi Bert! It’s great to have you on the blog, you are always welcome. Thanks for commenting. For sure the free gift is greater than we have imagined and people engage differently with it. I don’t know whether this will sound encouraging or discouraging, it depends on how you look at it, but all of us only have some of God.

      I really hope you don’t experience things here as over the top. My mother always said – a fool makes a thing sound complicated, but a wise man makes it clear.

      I guess that this is one way that I differentiate human wisdom from spiritual revelation. When it’s from man it’s shallow and often makes things feel frustratingly complex, as if I am striving up the mental mountain through the fog to attain something. When God teaches me it’s different. The light shines, the fog clears and my perception becomes clearer. The issue seems simpler and yet suddenly deeper. And in a mysterious, non-intellectual way truth is imparted with very little effort. My hope is that this blog will be a source of this type of sharing together rather than filled with human wisdom.

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