Struggles with grace

I was reading Ephesians this morning. I usually struggle quite a bit with chapter one, as it is such a long combined thought. However, this morning I just sat and tried to understand it for me as a single person.

What blew me away was the simple reality that God was intentional about choosing me, even before history started. I mean WOW! Is it not incredible relational security to know that I was selected for the role, even before I had ever acted? This is a difficult thought and emotion to really explain, but it is something I want to allow to ferment inside me for a while.

Another crazy thought is that this selection of people is a sign of grace, and not just any grace, but glorious grace! I really struggled to understand that thought. One way I have started to understand it is that God sat with this soiled creation in his hands – and quite frankly – he didn’t have to choose anyone, or even continue with the story. It would just involve a lot of unnecessary pain and anger and disappointment for him to do so.

But he did choose people, and he chose to give this world a future.

Despite the total lack of merit.

I can see the grace in that.


3 thoughts on “Struggles with grace

    • Hi Finch

      I enjoyed this, simply because of the innocence with with you approached it. I must say that I get rather despairing when reading the debates, intellectual arm-wrestling and down right hatred that people spew out over this issue of election and predestination etc. It seems to me that God didn’t feel it necessary to explain, and so now we sit trying to figure it out – unsuccessfully it seems. It makes me wonder whether to just ignore the whole thing, or if there IS a fruitful way to think and believe what Paul is saying here.


  1. Yeah, I agree with John that it is indeed rare to find people speaking about election in a relaxed tone – let alone a grateful one.

    My position is that this is something I surrender to not entirely understand. If God chose as at the beginning, I do not have an objection as, from my perspective we all still choose whether to pursue God or not. The fact that God “made it so”, or knew it “was to be” from the start, does not nullify our role. Nor does the fact that we choose nullify his role.

    Maybe it’s a bit like love relationship, where both parties choose each other.

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