What kind of knowledge of God?

What is the knowledge of God that we so often read of in scripture? Paul spoke about it often, yearning for us all to grow in it, but what was he speaking about exactly?

Jesus said: “you will KNOW the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you free”. How we understand this sentence may help us answer the question above. To our modern ears, Jesus may have sounded like He was saying:

“You will HEAR the FACTS, and the FACTS shall set you free.”


“You will UNDERSTAND the DOCTRINES, and the DOCTRINES shall set you free.”


“You will MEMORIZE the SCRIPTURES, and the SCRIPTURES shall set you free.”


“You will GRASP the THEOLOGY, and the THEOLOGY shall set you free.”

I don’t believe this is what Jesus was saying. Continue reading


A spontaneous thought about spiders and the meaning of life

Today I sat for a while looking out from a height over our neighbourhood and into the distant sunset. I enjoy taking some time at the end of the day just to recollect my thoughts, and mostly, to switch them off. It is in these times that I actually catch up with myself and with God. It sometimes feels as if I am like a coral reef submerged beneath the ocean of life, and all these movements of my soul at the end of the day are like bubbles rising up from the deep and breaking open on the surface. It takes calm waters to notice those bubbles. Today I was enjoying them as I just allowed myself to float. Something caught my attention today though – a little spider weaving its web near my head. This triggered another release of bubbles. I wondered if this spider noticed the view at all – whether it knew or cared how big the world was out there. In some ways I pity the simplistic life of such creatures, but I also envy it, in a way. It looked so content, blissfully unaware of the amazing beauty in the sky, the human mess below it and the collision between it all on the horizon that we have to deal with. I wonder whether it also has such questions and longings bubbling up from within. I guess not.

SpiderWhat this makes me realise, is that spiders were created to be spiders – to make their webs and catch things in them. When they are doing that, they lack nothing. Perhaps a spider sitting in someone’s glass jar somewhere, with no web and nothing to catch in it, would have longings and disillusionment. Perhaps then it would look out into the wide world and wonder what was out there and why it was in there. Today I looked at the spider and considered her ways. I decided that there are many things I was made to do that I am not doing, and many things I am doing that I was not made to do. I’ve decided I want to be like that oblivious spider in the web, that lives like it was created to. Maybe you need to do the same. There is no discontent and no glass bottle there, and perhaps also fewer bubbles…