A thought about creation and glory

It is a beautiful thought to me that Christianity is about more than just righteousness. We were made to be glorious in God – and this is the goal of our salvation. The bud of our new birth can begin to bloom into a flower of God’s glory, even in this life. When I look at the creation around me, I see a Creator who goes beyond what’s expected or needed – who gets joy out of creating. There is an unnecessary-ness about the varieties of flowers, the hugeness of space and the detail of the micro-sphere. We live in a universe that has an excessive quality about it. It is endlessly fresh.


One morning I looked up into a tree and saw six puffy baby finches lined up along a branch singing their tiny hearts out – the picture of merry innocence. And it just suddenly occurred to me that if I had created such cute little things, surely I would have been in an extremely good mood. Those birds weren’t just designed for practical purposes, they seemed like a passionate poem! There is such an over-the-top glory in God and His creation, a radiant glory that brings refreshment and inspires. God is not just perfect, He’s beautiful.

Have you ever thought:

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Dominion with a painted face


My head is covered in a garden of unruly curls. Sometimes they fall in ringlets around my face and sometimes they turn into a cloud of frizz which gives me a natural halo – haha. Due to the unpredictability of the portable garden on top of my head, I recently found myself prowling the children’s aisle in a local shop looking for some aids to tame it. As I stood in front of an array of pink clips, butterfly Alice-bands and leopard-print scrunchies, I spied my heart’s desire sitting quite out of view on the lowest shelf – small, clear crocodile clips that would train my curls to form flowing tresses through rain or shine. I was excited! And yet, these discrete “gardeners” got my thinking… thinking about dominion, man’s dominion, and whether it would be right to say that I was exercising dominion over my hair.

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God’s intention for us in creation (Part 5): Pantheism or Deism?

This series of posts on creation asks the question – how can we best live in, learn from and interact with creation in order to be healthy and closer to God? As we have seen in the previous posts the Word is full of teaching and reflection on this question, so it must be important. This post is about the interlocking relationship between God and creation. How close and similar is God to us and what He has made, and how high above and different?

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God’s intention for us in creation (Part 4): Toughness?

I grew up on a farm. I hunted, killed and ate birds. We killed snakes on the farm. Once, when I was younger and less civilized, I was involved in a full scale war against a hive of bees living in the vent in the wall. Needless to say, that hurt! Often I deserved to get stung, other times bees were hidden under the undergrowth of the path next to the fence and they bit me out of the blue.

When you grow up in nature, you develop a kind of respect for animals and creation that (in my view) is very different from someone who admires it on the television or from a scenic viewpoint on top of the mountain. I sometimes wonder if we havent gotten a little romantic about nature?

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God’s intention for us in creation (Part 3): Feeling small

God’s Word has a lot to say to us about how we should experience creation. In my last post, I pointed out how Jesus encouraged his disciples to really consider the small things in creation. He said: If God is so caring towards the creatures smaller and less significant than you, surely He is much more mindful of you? That has really revolutionized the way I perceive the tiny things around me, and how I look at myself. And yet, when you think about it, just as there are things much smaller than us that God cares for, there are also things much bigger than us that He cares for too! Continue reading

God’s intention for us in creation (Part 2): Assurance

It is really fascinating to look at how Jesus related with the creation in the gospels. He spoke a lot about nature. Luke tells a story of how Jesus taught his disciples to fight the temptation to worry about provision in their lives. How would you encourage someone about that? Interestingly, Jesus used observations about God from creation. Continue reading

God’s intention for us in creation (Part 1): Introduction

Something that I have been thinking a lot about recently is how God wants me to experience His creation in my daily life. I love being outside. It feeds my soul. Interestingly, it is a similar feeling to reading the bible. It connects me with God’s heart. You know what I mean; it’s a spiritual experience. But why?

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