The Gospel (Part 2): Which one?

I want to eventually write some posts on what I believe the gospel message is (any time now :-)). But I thought it might be good to talk about a few related things first to warm us up a bit to the topic. In this post I would like to hear your thoughts on whether or not you think there is only one gospel for all churches in all ages to preach and believe and defend, or whether you think that the gospel needs to be adapted by the church for different times and places. So for a start, I have to two questions for those that are interested in commenting:

  • In one sentence, how would you describe the gospel message that you first heard and believed when you became a Christian, and in another sentence how would you best describe the gospel as you understand it (differently?) now?
  • What are some of the other brands/emphases/types of the gospel message that you have observed or come into contact with in your life that you disagree with in some way?

I look forward to hearing all your different stories and experiences!


The Gospel (Part 1): What has the gospel got to do with Christianity?

Call me weird, but I have been thinking a lot about church visions recently, and the question of a biblical model for building Christian communities. There are so many aspects to cover: worship, teaching, leadership, evangelism, fellowship, ministries etc. etc. But putting all those complex issues aside for now, I’m still stuck on the basic question:

What has the gospel got to do with all of this?

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