Dominion with a painted face


My head is covered in a garden of unruly curls. Sometimes they fall in ringlets around my face and sometimes they turn into a cloud of frizz which gives me a natural halo – haha. Due to the unpredictability of the portable garden on top of my head, I recently found myself prowling the children’s aisle in a local shop looking for some aids to tame it. As I stood in front of an array of pink clips, butterfly Alice-bands and leopard-print scrunchies, I spied my heart’s desire sitting quite out of view on the lowest shelf – small, clear crocodile clips that would train my curls to form flowing tresses through rain or shine. I was excited! And yet, these discrete “gardeners” got my thinking… thinking about dominion, man’s dominion, and whether it would be right to say that I was exercising dominion over my hair.

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Up and out!

My mom is a marvelous lady. She gave me a lot of great advice while I was growing up. One of her regular sayings to my sister and I was, “Look up! Look out!” (This would always be accompanied by a hand flourish directed skywards and a big smile). The reason for the consistent repetition of this little saying: introspection often means that we rest our metaphorical heads on our metaphorical chests. This causes one’s gaze to drift down and eventually inwards but to connect with others, one needs to lift one’s gaze up and look out so that one can see others and their needs. Being aware is the first step towards change. This little reminder still rings in my head at the most unexpected times and reminds me to be other-focused, which is something I think we all need to be reminded of often. I am grateful to my mom for this!

Posting on a blog will be a new endeavour for me – another opportunity to look up and out.

Isn’t he cute!