A thought about guidance: inquiry vs divination

I have had many conversations with Christians about how to know God’s will for our lives. One of the things that I have noticed is that people have very different ideas about the Lord’s guidance and how to find it. Getting perspective from the divine is a very old idea, stretching back deep into the Old Testament times and out to all the pagan religions. In some ways I wonder whether we haven’t picked up some wrong ideas from the Old Testament and paganism about finding out the will of God as New Testament Christians. I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but I would like to share some initial thoughts about the topic and hear your responses.

It comes across to me that many Christians feel a certain amount of pressure to be guided by God – whether it is for big decisions like work and marriage, or daily. After all, they are taught that spiritual people are led by the Spirit. That all sounds wonderful until you get practical about it. That’s when all the problems and differences in people come out. Continue reading


From a Christian perspective…

Something that I have heard quite a few people say recently (one way or another) is:

“From a Christian perspective… What should us believers do in _______ situation?”

I have had numerous conversations like this before: should missionaries flee persecution or embrace it? Should a Christian husband use violence to defend his family or country? Is it wrong for a believer to invest in a company on the stock exchange that might be doing business unethically? I am sure you know some as well – those grey areas that we want help with. What is interesting about such discussions is that they rarely produce a satisfactory answer. Continue reading